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01 January, 2014

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An epidemic is about to ravage the world. You are responsible for one section of the planet. By battling with mental monsters known as Munchoids, the secrets to preventing death can be unlocked. These solutions will grow your region's population. A larger population will have a better chance of surviving.


Munchoid was designed the weekend after Aigilas was released. Starting with mechanics from Jade Cocoon and Pokemon, Munchoid was grown.


  • Destructible enemies in each battle. Slice away an arm, blow up a head, or choose one of the other four forces to conquer enemies.
  • Merge with fallen foes to gain their powers and appearance, or absorb the enemy to hone your existing skills.
  • The six different forces can provide a bonus to you or your opponent. You cannot depend on a single ability.
  • Winning tournaments eradicates causes of death from your region of Earth. Watch as the population grows or dwindles.
  • Solve enough causes of death, and your region will survive the epidemic.
  • Creatures and worlds are randomly generated on each playthrough.


Release Trailer YouTube

Unedited v1.0.3 Gameplay Trailer YouTube

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      Munchoid Credits

      Tim Kretschmer
      Game Design and Implementation

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks